Socio-Economic Trend

Economic Growth (Real GDP)

UNIT: Trillion US real 2010 dollars

While population growth has been predominantly in poorer countries, the growth of the world’s economy is still dominated by wealthy nations. Despite emerging economies becoming the global production engine, the bulk of economic activity, and the lion’s share of consumption, remains largely within wealthy nations.

Graph Caption: Global real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in year 2010 US dollars. Data are a combination of Maddison for the years 1750 to 2003 and Shane for 1969-2010. Overlapping years from Shane data are used to adjust Maddison data to 2010 US dollars.
Sources: Maddison 1995; M. Shane, Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); Shane 2014.

Caption: Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, China
Source: Google Earth