Socio-Economic Trend


UNIT: Million motor vehicles

The phenomenal growth in the number of motor vehicles on the roads shows no signs of slowing. This is one part of the global transportation system. People and products now sweep around the planet via a hyper complex network of interconnected roads, railways, shipping lanes and aircraft routes. Foreign travel enriches lives and boosts economies, but to continue, a low-carbon revolution is essential to live within planetary boundaries.

Graph Caption: Global number of new motor vehicles per year. From 1963 to 1999 data include passenger cars, buses and coaches, goods vehicles, tractors, vans, lorries, motorcycles and mopeds. Data 2000-2009 include cars, buses, lorries, vans and motorcycles.
Sources: IRF (International Road Federation) 2011.

Caption: Miracle Garden, Dubaï
Source: Google Earth
Map Caption: Global Transporation System
Map Credit: Félix Pharand-Deschênes,